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Hi All A New Announcement - New Zoom Demos - Dates added to my site.

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Hi once again to you all. I have now taken my teaching efforts even further online. I have taken my monthly demo evenings that have been so successful over the past few years in my gallery in Hythe, online. By taking the idea of streaming content via my Youtube channels and to my Patreon channel, I have now included the Zoom platform. This method or platform is so very simple for me as an art tutor and content creator to use very effectively, and even easier for you the public to join in with and enjoy. The end user experience is so simple.

So I have now added four new dates to my website, each has a different subject matter and covering Oils and Watercolours, Landscapes, Sunsets and Birds. The cost will be £12.00 per ticket for a single event. Simply go to my web pages and see whats on offer for you.

Choose the ones/s you like and simply go to the READ MORE button. Then buy your ticket. The process is safe, secure and above all easy.

Please make sure you fill in your email correctly so that I can send you information and the invite link at the appropriate time.

You will on most of these events be able to paint along with me, it is of course optional. I will send you reference photos and a PDF with materials details along with instructions on downloading and using Zoom on your device and of course the invitation link for the event on Zoom.

You will also have the opportunity to watch the event again with a link that I will send you for 7 days after the evening. A chance to paint along again and have another go.

I do hope that these evenings will be well supported and become an integral part of my online strategies in the future. They are set to be heaps of fun, as a recent tryout with all of my Patrons proved to be.

Best wishes,


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