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One of the many things that I have prided myself upon over my career as a Wildlife and Landscape artist, is my ability through my artwork to help credible wildlife and environmental charities. 

I have supported and contributed many thousands of pounds to many well needed conservation groups in this time from specific launches such as the Whale-tail initiative, to my long time and close relationship with David Shepherd and the wonderful foundation he created and built throughout his adult life.

Born Fee Foundation, Save The Rhino, Africat, and others.

There are many that I have worked with and enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships with.

My conservation efforts and ideals have never waned and will remain a very strong aspect of my life as an artist.

 I have been painting and creating since my early childhood. I have only ever known the drive to create.

I turned professional in late 1986/7 thinking that I was what the art world was waiting for! I could not have been more wrong. Once I had realized this fact I really knuckled down to learning my craft, studying, and practicing. This continues even today.

I have had a most magical journey as an artist and met wonderful people along the way and seen some truly memorable sights as well. Each served to enrich my work and desire to create more work.

There is way too much that has happened since 1987 to write about here, so I will just mention a few things to you.

I was born and bred on the Romney Marshes in Kent where I still live with my wife Catherine. Home is my studio and film studio where I create weekly content for my Youtube and Patreon channels.

I have written about, lectured, and discussed art and painting for over 25 years now and I am in the process of writing my 3rd book for my publisher's Search Press.

My work has been shown and sold in many countries from UK and Europe to Africa and the USA. Over the years galleries have come and gone, and I have enjoyed many happy relationships with them.

I have enjoyed many auctions such as Bonhams, Sotheby's, and Christie's. One painting sold for £15,000 at Christie's in 1987. Another in a major US show sold for $35,000. 

I have been lucky to have been a part of many well-known art societies over the years, some sadly not around anymore. I am also a founding member of the well-known TWASI The Wildlife Art Society Internal which I am pleased to say still operates today.

 I could go on and on, but I'd better stop here, and let you enjoy other parts of my new website and the many paintings contained within it.

Best wishes 


I have been an art teacher for as long as I can remember, helping others to progress and enjoy their personal painting experiences.


 Lecturing and demonstrating to others around the world

and demonstrating materials for Liquitex, Staedtler and Winsor and Newton. 

Since 2011 I have been teaching 4 classes to students each week in my Hythe gallery.  This continues today and is something I really enjoy, 

Since June 2019 I have been extremely active in creating art tutorial videos, tips and how-to's for my YouTube and Patreon channels. This I am so passionate about and I am fully committed to. I absolutely love the interaction with students and knowing that they truly enjoy and gain from my content.

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