Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Tonights Live Stream at 7pm is this lovely scene of Venice in the early morning as the mists rise.

Join me at 7pm this evening if you would and lets enjoy an hour or two of each others company.

Please say hi in the chat as its great to know who is watching - see you all tonight

best wishes, Paul.

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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog and my new look website, that I have been building and am continuing to develop and refine moving forward.

My old website had become derelict, corrupted and out of date, finally being completely hacked.

So I set about creating something new and something that i can be so very proud of, because I have done it all myself.

This goes with the blog too, it is new and all my older posts were lost, so everything from here on is new and i do hope that you get involved with it, comment and discuss aspects as I contribute.

So please make a note to pop back and enjoy future content.

best wishes


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