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Welcome to my website, home to all my work paintings prints, and teaching activities 

Dymchurch Beach Demo November 22 15 x 11
Ava winetr fire and ice 10 x 10
0306 Waterhole Panic Oil on Canvas 20 x 36_
Thames Barge off whitstable 12 x 16 oil Sept  2020
Hooty  12 x 9
Copy of IMG_0656
Crown mine cornwall stream 18.9.20

Something Special is about to happen on this website

Courses - Courses - Courses
Along with a free course and immediate downloads to enjoy 
I am launching a brand new course 
Wednesday 8th February 2023
at 09.00 BST/GMT

With a very special early bird offer coupon at checkout

'learn to paint skies in watercolour'
over 7 hours of tutorial, along with course notes and reference materials. The total
 cost for lifetime access is £97.00
Use the 'EARLYBIRD67' coupon at checkout to get £30.00 off of the regular price and a bonus
film of 60+ minutes is also included in this offer. It will only be available for the first 67 people 
to purchase this new course. after 67 have done so it reverts to its regular price.
launch is 09.00 GMT/BST Wednesday 8 th February 2023.


I have been planning to extend my online teaching strategies for a long while now. 

I already teach classes in my gallery and in other ways including 1-2-1 coaching sessions

For the past 3 years, I have been creating free tutorials on Youtube and longer-formed paid lessons on my Patreon channel. I have also created a stand-alone full-length downloadable film to buy and keep forever ( These will be added to in 2023). 

Well, I have decided to create new online painting courses that you can buy and enjoy. I am creating courses that I hope will be significant in answering many of the questions that I get asked by students regularly. Topics that really help you to learn and create better paintings. There will also be a dedicated community of students here where those of you who purchase my content can be a part of, where I can help you and advise where possible so that the whole online course experience for you is a happy and fruitful one. There will be no time constraints on my courses, so take your time with them.

Links will soon be added for you to see, and if you wish to buy my courses

Please click the link below to register your interest

See all my artworks for sale in my Online Shop

Royal Watcher paper.jpg

Find details to all my teaching activities ( Online & in my Gallery)


View many older images, all subject and media

0306 Waterhole Panic Oil on Canvas 20 x 36_.jpg

See what I can offer you on my

Patreon channel

171004 Paul  PA 00843_edited.jpg

Here you will find all my downloadable films fully narrated and full length to buy and own

Scan 7.jpg

A direct link to enjoy my Instagram account feed

child on a beach  demo 14 x 11 june 22.jpg
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