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I have just become an affiliate of the lovely Rosemary & Co
brushes. simply go to her website, select the brushes you require. at check out under the summary you will see a place to add the affiliate code. You pay no more for what you buy, but help me so much for which I thank you.
type in PAULAPPS  or simply click this link PAULAPPS
Old Lane Sunset 8 x 10 oil March

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Downloadable Video Tutorials

 I am so very pleased and extremely excited to launch the very first of my new  Video Tutorials that can be purchased for a small sum and downloaded to learn from and enjoy.

Each will cost you just £5.00 for a single title, and where possible it will include the references and line art to assist you.

The first new title in this series is a Watercolour of Pendower Beach, Over an hour of painting and packed full of tips and advice.


This will describe to you what my Patreon is all about and how it can benefit you

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